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Glimpses of California

The following are small snippets of a larger, mostly unwritten, adventure. It's not meant to be a complete narrative, but rather short little glimpses into my vacation along the Pacific Coast Highway.

“Don’t be alarmed,” the pilot says over the PA system.

“When you start a sentence with ‘don’t worry’ or ‘don’t be afraid’ it’s usually followed with something worrisome or scary,” says the lady across the aisle. She laughs nervously with the people sitting to either side of her.

The plane door is still open as the last few passengers board, but the crew will be starting up one of the engines to “check some indicator lights.”

Hearing the words “don’t worry,” “engine,” and “indicator lights” in the same sentence is number 37 on the list of phrases which don’t inspire confidence on airplanes. I imagine the airplane spinning wildly in a circle, single engine roaring, wing crashing into the jetway, luggage spilling out of the unclosed compartments, and airport workers scrambling for cover as the rogue plane fails whatever engine test they are performing.

None of this happens. Instead something gets a little bit louder and then it gets quieter again. Several men in yellow safety…

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