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Spontaneous Holidays

When you buy a home you enter a world of spontaneous holidays that are not celebrated by the rest of the civilized world. Holidays such as "new water heater day" or "my basement has three inches of water in it day." My latest celebration was "oh I guess my garage door isn't going up or down anymore day."

Of course, I could still use the door, it just had to be operated manually. As if I was some sort of cave man who had a new car, but hadn't yet discovered electricity. Even Fred Flintstone had a garage door opening dinosaur.

Like all major holidays this one involved spending too much money, hanging lights, and shooting fireworks at drunken carolers.


The old garage door opener was a product of the '50s. This was evident from its drab olive green color and the Sears branding along the back. Sears lost its relevancy around the same time as the color olive green did and neither of these things have been used to celebrate "x-garage-door-mas" in decades.

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