🇨🇳 Rain Poem

April 25th, 2017

I thought I was brave, but I'm just a fool,
To think going out sans umbrella was cool.
I'll just walk to town to eat a quick bite,
The rain has stopped, it's done for the night.
I heard a strange sound and started to muse,
But it was too late I was soaked hat to shoes.
I had no good options, no way to stay dry,
As water continued to fall from the sky.
Despondent I walked to a small greasy spoon,
Splashing my way through this April monsoon.
I arrived drenched, and only to find,
That I had left my wallet behind!
My shoulders drooped, I'm filled with dismay,
I know, I think, I'll use WeChat to pay!
This is my first time, I'm new to this game,
But money is money, it spends all the same.
I order two wraps and eat them inside,
Enjoying the sauce and the chicken that's fried.
The walk back is dreary, though slightly less wet,
Perhaps I've learned a lesson? Not yet.
I pass by a diaper, just left on the road
And step around critters, some frogs and a toad.
"Was it worth it?" Kate asks, as I come through the door.
Would I do it again? Would I go back for more?
I think that I would, it's a bit of a hedge,
But a small part of me likes to live on the edge.