🇭🇰 Victoria Peak [UNCENSORED]

October 3rd, 2016

The last time I was at Victoria Peak (March of 2016) it was so foggy we couldn't see 6 meters. (That's just under 20 feet, depending on the markets.) Here's a photo of the view on that evening compared to a selfie I took on this trip.

This time we hiked up and the day was cloudy but otherwise clear. The weather provided an uncensored view of the city and it was glorious.

The hike up the hill took us about two hours. We started at the tram station. The trolly makes the climb in 15–20 minutes, but the line was so long they were queuing up across the street. Lots of holiday visitors all eager to get to the top.

Instead we took a path which wandered back and forth through trees and foliage. I saw the blue tail of a blue-tailed skink, but sadly wasn't able to get a photo or see another one. The iridescent blue was startling amid the greens and brown of decaying leaves.

We met few people on our hike. Most took the trolly or buses to the top. The day was overcast and it drizzled a little from time to time. The top was very busy and the line for the trolly going down was also extremely long. When it was time to leave we rode the bus back to Central station.

We arrived around 1:00pm and had a great view of the city. We stayed until after dark so I could get photos of the city lights at night. It was difficult to take good photos with the press of people along the railing, but I think I got a couple good ones.