🇰🇷 Raccoon Cafe

January 29th, 2017

Blind Alley.

The ominous name sounds like a mysterious place out of Harry Potter, or perhaps just a sign created by a local municipality to help prevent car accidents.

A large sign portrays an outline of a bird and handwritten text proclaiming Blind Alley. The sign hangs over two doors. The left one is all glass and looks like it enters a small apartment complex in the upper levels. To the right is a rustic looking wood and glass doorway. A small sandwich board sign read "Raccoon Cafe, Blind Alley, Welcome."

A swinging half door creates a second barrier just inside the cafe. Presumably, this keeps the animals in. I order a coffee at the counter. The three of us decline paying the extra fee to go into the raccoon room. It was only like ₩4,000 or something, but it was unnecessary, the raccoons are loose in the cafe today.

We take a table near the back. A window in the wall opens to the Raccoon room. A Raccoon crawls upside down along the ceiling. At the edge of the room it a door with a window in it. We can see several people standing in the raccoon room.

A small fat dog stands on a table as an employee fills out some paperwork. I don't know dog breeds well, but something makes me think it might be a Corgi.

The interior of the cafe is yellow. The floor is wood, the tables and chairs are wood, only the wall is brick. I set my backpack on the chair by the wall. I feel something move under the table and a few moments later a raccoon's head pokes up. He paws at my backpack, curious about what it might contain.

It continues wandering around. A small fight erupts when the raccoon goes for the dog food. The dog and the raccoon are nearly the same size. I think the raccoon is a little bigger.

An albino raccoon is standing on two legs by entrance to the raccoon room. It's jumping, repeatedly beside the door post.

I snapchat my brother.

"Is that sanitary?" Comes his response.

"I don't know. It's Korea."

One of the shop owners picks up a raccoon, places it on her head and runs around the shop. Talk about a coon-skin hat. She holds the raccoon's front paws up the air like it's dancing. She goes outside. A minute later she comes back in.

"High-five! High-five!"

She helps the raccoon give everyone a high-five.

So yeah. I guess I've high-fived a raccoon now.

Here are a few more photos: