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Over the years I have developed a couple of small Mac utilities for helping me with simple tasks. I use this small app to log my media consumption (along with a few other things) in text files. The app's main purpose is to generate the correct filename and help me run stats for the current year.

v 2.3 Download Event Journal 2.3

This app will create a text file at the location of your choosing with a specific filename. It was originally created to track my media consumption but has morphed into something closer to a text based journal that includes social gatherings and travel. Though, mostly I just use it for movies and books.

The filename is yyyyMMdd_TT_EVENT NAME.txt. This type of filename structure creates an easily searched and counted flat "database."

The date is written Year, Month, Day because that's the only proper way to write the date and it has the benefit of automatically sorting the folder for you chronologically.

TT is a number code specific to this application. It identifies the type of activity being recorded.

01 - Movie in Theatre
02 - Movie Netflix/DVD
03 - TV Series
04 - Finished Book
05 - Concert
06 - General Event
07 - Date
08 - General Notes
09 - Phone Call/Skype
10 - Podcast
11 - Writing Fiction
12 - Writing Journal Entry
13 - Play/Musical
14 - Travel & Trip Notes
15 - Plane Travel

#15 is a special case currently under development. File contains only the numerical distance of the trip, a short script should be able to extract that data from the file and provide an accumulated distance of travel.


v 2.3

  • Added icon.

v 2.0

  • Complete rewrite using Swift 3.
  • Ability to change save folder (already had that feature, TYVM!)
  • Ability to run statistics on selected year.
Event Journal
Event Journal
Event Journal
Event Journal