Imagining Something Different

Over the past few weeks I have lamented the unnecessary requirement to sign up for accounts in order to use apps and the inconsiderate overuse of alerts and push notifications, specifically on iOS. Yet, these are arguably side effects of the fundamental problems that come with application development. Most applications could be defined as a […]

No App is an Island

There’s a certain level of self-centeredness that goes into app development. This is natural, most apps solve a problem or fill a need, they usually have a single purpose or focus. This is normally good. What’s not good is how often app developers appear to forget (or simply don’t care) about the greater user experience. Third party […]

Portal Sign 2

A few years ago when I made my first Portal sign, I made a lot of mental notes about improving the project. I never really planned to do it again, but I knew what I would do differently if I did. Well, a couple weeks ago I found a fluorescent light fixture at a thrift […]

Social Networks and Email

Social Network, (noun). A service designed to email you updates about things you and your friends do on the social network. It’s crazy to me why social networks think I need to be emailed about activity that takes place on the social network. The whole reason I signed up for the social network is so […]