Aesthetics vs Usability

It’s really hard to write about a program’s features without falling into the “this doesn’t work for me, so it shouldn’t work for anyone” trap. Yet the feature set of a program used by millions of people is often determined by a small number of developers. Users are often at their mercy. Ultimately, if a program […]

Final Cut X Pro on FAT32

Point of reference for anyone using FCPX in an environment where users may not be entirely tech savvy. You need  to format your hard drives to Mac OS Journaled or exFAT. Final Cut Pro X will allow you to edit projects off of external drives formatted as FAT32. If you are only saving your project […]

Imagining Something Different

Over the past few weeks I have lamented the unnecessary requirement to sign up for accounts in order to use apps and the inconsiderate overuse of alerts and push notifications, specifically on iOS. Yet, these are arguably side effects of the fundamental problems that come with application development. Most applications could be defined as a […]

No App is an Island

There’s a certain level of self-centeredness that goes into app development. This is natural, most apps solve a problem or fill a need, they usually have a single purpose or focus. This is normally good. What’s not good is how often app developers appear to forget (or simply don’t care) about the greater user experience. Third party […]