Social Hammer Networks

Some people don’t get social networks. At a higher level, I understand this. There’s a lot to potentially not understand, but at a more basic level I find it somewhat amusing. To say “I don’t get twitter,” in my mind, is like saying “I don’t get hammers.” It’s maybe not so much that you don’t […]

Closure and Apathy

Last week I wrote about some of the problems with delegating, but I stopped before I came to any solid advice. This was partly because I wanted to keep my post under 1000 words, but also because I wanted some time to think over the question I ended with. How do we get closure when […]


Any.DO is a very clean, minimalist to-do app. It has a lot of neat features and it keeps a lot of things out of sight so they can stay out of mind and not bother you until they are actually worth dealing with. The interface is different enough that it might take some getting use […]