Previously Awesome

August 25th, 2012

My grandma is an extremely influential person. If you’ll believe anything you read on the internet I’ll gladly tell you that she invented cream cheese, rocking chairs, and about 7 deserts that are now sold en-mass in the frozen food section of most groceries stores that sell their salt for what it’s worth.

It was under this hypnotizing force that I was lead to believe that not only was it possible for me to write a book, but it was also a good idea.

The initial reaction to my book was absolutely fantastic:

“I didn’t read all of it.”

“I skimmed the pages I didn't read.”

“I found a typo.”

“Did you really publish a book?”

This was certainly a lot more than I had ever hopped for. But then, the reviews started to get better:

“I think it’s hilarious…” *

“It’s really not that bad. It reminds me of a few other things I’ve read.”

But by and by the most asked question was “where can I find this book?”


As the blog post soared across the vast sky of webs which made up the internets, the interwebs, and the webbernets, it’s teeth sparkled like a fifth grade class which had just gone overboard with the glitter.

You can find my masterful piece of literary accomplishment at a few different places. You can visit the website to read a sample chapter, or find quick links to the Amazon page where the book resides.

If you’d rather jump straight to Amazon, you can buy Previously Awesome, or if you are a kindle owner, or prime member you can borrow it for free!

Now, what are you waiting for? Click! Run! Grab a copy of the book and help fill my golden coffers with silver!**


* That’s a partial quote that is partially taken out of context. I’m not above that. Especially not for personal advertising purposes.

** I didn’t write the book for the money, I wrote it for riches and wealth, which I hope it will bring me.