19 More Generated Nintendo Game Names

October 10th, 2013

R&D on my Nintendo Game Name Generator has continued and has not been without reward.

“World of Respects Cats DS”
“Super Sonic Throat Cats U”
“Kid Straightener Hunt 7”
“World of Brain Age Chick Sports U Fit 4”
“Bomberman Guesses Tennis U 9”
“World of Thirties Wii U 2DS Edition”
“New Mathematics Stadium Wii”
“New Management Tactics U”
“Tubing All Stars”
“Loan Age DS”
“Adventures of Wario Stomachs Fantasy U Edition”
“Mega Applicants Island 3DS 3D”
“World of Just Jaws 64 3DS Edition 3”
“Adventures of Bomberman Lubrication Sports Wii 3D II”
“Paper Careers 2DS”
“Mega Donkey Kong Calorie Revolution 2014”
“Mega Metal Gear Solid Corrosion Golf Wii U 3D 2013”
“New New Mask Land DS”
“Oracle of Bad Memories Crystal 2DS Fit”