The Fictitious Trip Journal of Aaron Mitchell – Day 10

March 16th, 2013

I have seen more of Rome today than I have seen in my entire life.

One of my favorite parts was seeing the Colosseum, but I was hoping to see a show there. Turns out it’s closed. Has been for years… like, a lot of years. 1609 years… give or take. I inquired if anyone had thought about opening it back up but it seems unlikely at this time.

This is a photo I took the other day. It’s actually a photo of a photo that someone else took of a painting. Considering I’m working without any lenses here, I think it turned out pretty well.

It’s hard to believe a week has gone past. In some ways, it feels like it’s only been five and a half minutes, but it also feels more like a month. I’m starting to miss home a little bit. I mean, not the food at home… (no offense Mom, but these meals are great.) But hotel beds are mediocre and I’ve been without my laptop for a week now… I have all kinds of projects I want to do, now that I’ve seen all this amazing art.