The Fictitious Trip Journal of Aaron Mitchell – Day 7

March 13th, 2013

Took this beautiful photo after another beautiful breakfast. I could get use to eating at a place like this.

Anyway, I’m really getting to know a lot of my fellow classmates and traveling buddies better. We’ve invented all kinds of new fun travel games, like “Restaurant Go Seek”, “Guess the Leave-Time”, and “Aaron gets the bill.” We played all three of these today.

No one told me the checkout time was 10 am, at least, not until 10:02am. At which point I threw all my remaining clothes and possessions into a coat, zipped it up, and tied the sleeves shut. In my haste, I forgot about the neck hole, and I’m pretty sure I lost my iPhone hand crank charger. Also, my iPhone slipped out and fell down a flight of marble stairs. (For the record, the stairs looked fabulous.)

The Brancacci Chapel was absolutely stunning… in so many ways, but Brancacci sounds like it should be a type of pasta.

Later tonight we will be at the San Francesco hotel. At first I thought someone said we would be at the San Francisco Hotel, and I thought maybe we were back in California, which would have been really weird because it was a short trip. And I mean, if Italy was that close to California, why on earth did we take the long route to get there in the first place. We could have been there so much sooner.

Anyway, dinner is another 3-course meal at the hotel.