The Fictitious Trip Journal of Aaron Mitchell – Day 6

March 12th, 2013

My feet are absolutely killing me, but at least I look stylish.

So, it turns out that most of my companions have been throwing out my clothes and other items that they were holding for me in their suitcases. Something about needing space for souvenirs and other things like that. I just hope they haven’t thrown out the important things like my extra camera batteries, or memory cards, or my passport.

I bet you’ll never guess what we did today. We walked and looked at art!

Actually, I did a lot of other stuff too. We had the whole afternoon free so I decided to explore Florence and take some sweet time-lapses. The photo above is one I took of the sunset over the city. It’s a beautiful sight to see all of the roof tops and the hills on the horizon. When I get back I’ll take time to put together a video of time-lapse.

I had an opportunity today to spend a few hours watching Italian television. I had no idea what was going on, but it was fun to watch the commercials. I think they are better than the commercials back home, but that’s probably because I couldn’t understand anything they were saying.

These shoes need to come off my feet now. I will write more tomorrow.