This Week in Twitter 05-12-2012

  • This week is solid gold… Or at 12 carat…

    “@topodcast: Episode 15: The Desert Island Podcast” 2012-05-12

  • Add to the list of small many-legged creatures I don't ever want crawling on my person (again): tent caterpillars. 2012-05-12
  • I really want to post something witty & clever, but I know you will probably be the only person to see it. And now I've only insulted you. 2012-05-12
  • It's not you. It's just that the feeds are slow this time of day. And I'm too important to post something for one person.

    Also, it's you. 2012-05-12

  • New post: New Server – Redux 2012-05-12
  • Avengers: Like Transformers, but with plot. And less lens flair.

    So, nothing like transformers then. 2012-05-13

  • What's the police code for salmonella in your nose? 2012-05-14
  • I don't speak human as well as I speak computers…

    Though I do spend more time yelling at computers than humans. 2012-05-15

  • I don't even watch Dr. Who and I just caught the theme playing softly on someone's computer. Recognized it faster than I should have. 2012-05-15
  • I have 288 GB worth of SD cards on my desk right now. 2012-05-15
  • RT @Beiju: 100% of the time a text message fails to send I want the phone to try again. Why can it not do this for me? 2012-05-15
  • Turns out Auto correct doesn't like golf. It prefers gold… Or goof.

    It also can't spell auto.

    Why do we have this again? 2012-05-16

  • Print -> print options -> print preview -> print -> choose printer -> print.

    *sigh* 2012-05-16

  • Would anyone notice if I just sat in my office all day and listened to the Halo soundtrack? 2012-05-16
  • Sweet video by @tomscott 2012-05-16
  • RT @awakebyjava: This is the future. 2012-05-16
  • Sitting in my car. It's like, 90 degrees, but that's just what I need to offset the AC induced hypothermia. 2012-05-16
  • It's apathetic Thursday, and no one is excited about it but me.

    Time to crawl under my desk and take a nap. 2012-05-17

  • RT @boblmartens: OH: "Don't tell anyone, but the last time I was this unproductive I was asleep." 2012-05-17
  • RT @IrritatedTechie: Loading the server & rack into the back of my truck.

    Next stop: car wash.

    This ain't gonna be pretty, but i … 2012-05-17

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